英语流利说项目总结报告之 我有酒,你有故事吗?【下篇】





我们趁着排行版的活动炒起了英语学习的热度,在2018622日给排行版活动的前100名同事下发了懂你英语课程学习的账号。好的开始是成功的一半,虽然夏季是公司项目最忙的时期,但是还是抵挡不住大家的学习热情。懂你英语账号下发两个月之后,我们就看到了喜人的打卡成绩。2018831日,来自GL Site 谢锦腾交出了3823分钟的打卡成绩单,并且他的优秀一直保持到了整个项目的结尾。


* 2位小伙伴打卡到最高水准的8级,等同于六级考试高达710分。

* 73位小伙伴经过一年的学习,可以满足日常工作的英语需求。

* 38位小伙伴在英语等级上有不同程度的提升。

* 全部的小伙伴都打卡超过700分钟.




Lingpei Kong: Thanks for that our company can provide this opportunity to me whichcan help me know well about my English Level and improve my Oral English. Ithelps me form a good habit to read words and sentences every day. Reallyappreciated!

Dongdong Wang: I have made a lot of progress through the one-year study ofEnglish, especially in listening and speaking. I have improved a lot comparedwith before. Thank you very much for providing such an opportunity, and I hopethe company can hold more such activities in the future.

Youquan Yang: I'm grateful to have this opportunity to learn English. Through allmost one year studyI made some progress in listening,and my spoken English is better than before. Although I passed the CET-6 examination in school, but I forgot most of them after graduation. So I got back some English ability through English training.

Aimee Dai: Liuxishuo contains a wide range of knowledge, like astronomy,geography, biology, chemistry, history, celebrities, and even hot topicsinstantly. During this whole year, I’ve really learnt a lot and right now I canshow my English, and I can share my feelings and views with my foreign friends.

Mingsheng Lu: All of us, no matter how busy, have small gaps in our day fordaydream. However, I started with the APP since last year, the “EnglishLiulishuo" is convenient, I can use the daydream time to learn English,reading or speaking. It's a meaningful thing that make my English difference.

Kimi ke: When I use this app to learn English and said it’s our companyprovide this platform, all my classmates and friends said I joined a goodcompany, they envy me so much. At the same time, my English has been a greatlyimproved I think, so I’m so happy we have this opportunity.

Jixian Zhou: Englishas a tool, we can use it to communicate with others by writing or talking.If you want to use this tool handily, it is the only way that learning word asmuch as you can, speaking as much as you can. Of course, if you have a betterenvironment such as having a few English speaking friends or in a nativeEnglish speaking country, your English level will have improved faster.Besides, you need a reasonable motive to drive you. Nobody want to recite wordwhen others are playing games, speak English when others are Chinese. Onereason is you have no choice; you have to do it. Otherwise you will lose yourjob, have no money to live. The others are you want to change your currentsituation urgently, have a better life.

Xiaole Li: Thankfulto the company for giving me this opportunity to learn English. It’s mypleasure to participate in this activity. Through a year of English learning,let oneself feel the deepest is persistence. Learning is a long-term thing, notjust a matter of three or two days, so it is very important to know how tostick to it.

If you wantto see a miracle, be the miracle-如果你想看到奇迹,那就自己创造一个奇迹吧。